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Killer Camo Netting

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Killer Camo Netting

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Killer Kamo is digital MultiCam like Pattern. MultiCam has background colors of a brown to light-tan gradient and lime green blending in between, the main part consist of green to yellowish green gradient and finally dark brown and light pinkish blotches spread throughout the pattern. This allows for the overall appearance to change from greenish to brownish in different areas of the fabric, while having smaller blotches to break up the bigger background areas. MultiCam hides volume and form by tricking the human eye's perception of color. MultiCam allows the object it covers to blend into the background with the camo pattern.
7'3' x 19'8' (expands to 8 ft. x 20 ft.)


High quality ripstop fabric • 3-D leaf-like foliage • Lightweight, strong and durable • Wide range of reversible printed patterns • Treated to eliminate shine and glare • Increased UV treatment to maximise product life • Waterproof material - will not become heavy and waterlogged • Rot/mould resistant • Pliable in extreme temperature ranges • Compacts easily